Thursday, October 19, 2017

Witchy Witches and Too Cute to Spook Halloween Images Digital Collage Sheet Sets

Hello there Peeps!
Today I am sharing a couple Witch and Halloween too cute to Spook images that I found, and have resized to fit my Large Halloween Background Tags, Small Halloween Background Tags, and my Tiny Halloween Swallowtail Banner backgrounds.
I all I have done to the images is resize them and put them on a sheet for you to print out.
Here is the images in ATC size.
They work great as focals on my large tags backgrounds.  Just add these with my Halloween Embellishment set and you will have some lovely layers!
Here I have resized them to make great focals on 5 by 7 Cards, or on my Large Halloween Background Tags, which will give you a clean and simple style tag.

The last sheet has the final large image and tiny images that will fit nicely on ATC backgrounds or my Small Halloween Background Tags, or my Tiny Halloween Swallowtail Banner backgrounds.

Here are the Too Cute to Spook Images...the images have all been resized like the ones in the above listing to fit my tags, 5 by 7 cards, banners, and atcs.

Large images

Large and Tiny images

You can watch my tutorial on some of my other Halloween Tags that I have created, and just insert these images if you like :0)
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Halloween Pumpkins Gone Batty

Hello Friends!
So I will have to say...this has been an idea that I have wanted to do for a while now.  I just have not sat down and done it. 

Here is my Halloween Batty Pumpkin Ornie
I used Pumpkin, Autumn and Lion's Mane glitters on my ornie.
You can find my Tutorial on Youtube here!

Unfortunately I can't find my beading hopefully I will find it today so I can create a hanger and hang him on my Halloween Tree.
You can find my  
  They can be cut out and glued together front to back, or you can put Halloween paper on the back.
The pumpkins below will fit on my Large Halloween Tags set,

Thank you for visiting!
I hope you get a little ArTistIcaLLy Batty!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vintage Halloween Library Cards and ATC's Digital Collage Sheet sets

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing a set of Vintagey Halloween Library Cards, ATC's and Tiny focals.
Below is the ATC Set...and they make great little focals on my Large Halloween Tags.
The Library card sized images will fit great on my Large Halloween Tags bases as well.  

The last page in this set has the library Card size black cat, and tiny sized images that fit great as focals on my Tiny Halloween Swallow Tail Banners, and Tiny Tags background sets.

2 Sheets for $4

I hope to have a few examples of how I have used these soon!
Thank you for visiting!
Hope you find some time to be ArTistIc